Daily Struggle

Lately things have been a daily struggle here. And unfortunately I don’t just mean with me. We are in the middle of a terrible drought, high unemployment, high drug use, and a crime explosion. The drought is going to make the high prices of things that are already high go higher. That can only mean one thing… more people will need help or go without. The high unemployment in this town does affect me personally as I haven’t been able to find a job in two years since I got out of the military. The drug use and crime haven’t affected me personally other than people that I’ve gone to high school with. But are worth mentioning because when I was growing up this town was A LOT safer than it is now.

But back to the real reason that I am here tonight… this morning… whatever you want to call it. The daily struggle of trying to survive without a job and a fast depleting savings account. I know that if I broke down and decided to work in a factory, I might have better luck at getting a job… but I don’t think I could physically do it. Not to mention, I watched that kind of work slowly kill my father (and the smoking) for 23 years. I REALLY don’t want to live that kind of life or end up with the same fate as him. It’s also hard to decide what jobs are close enough to apply to. I mean do I only decide that I’ll drive under an hour or a certain mileage away because depending on the direction of travel that severely limits my choices. Speaking of limiting choices…. I have a bone to pick with society. I went and served this nation for FIVE years. And I come home and you won’t hire me because I lack experience or education (which I’m in the process of finishing my degree). But the point is, is that I carried multiple guns every day and was entrusted with some pretty sensitive information… so I’m pretty sure I could learn and be good at just about ANY job that you hired me to do.

Wow does that feel good to get that off my chest. Stay tuned for more later!


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