So here it is, the first day of 2013 almost come to pass and so far I guess I can’t complain. I had food in my belly, clothes on my body, I had access to a hot shower, and am laying in a warm bed with a roof over my head.

I’ve never been much of a resolution type person, but last year I made one with a best friend of mine which we are continuing into this year, of staying in better touch. And I think this year I’m going to embark on a journey. A journey that I hope will open my eyes to all of the blessings and amazing people and beauty of the world around me.

So here it is: my resolution for myself of 2013 is to record on here a blessing or positive thought or event that happened that day.

With this I hope to be able I look back on December 31,2013 and look at the positive things that have happened.

So for January 1, 2013 here you go: I am blessed that I can call Jesus my Lord and Savior.

And on that note, goodnight!


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