January 14th

Today has been a stressful day as I try to adjust to a routine of these new classes and working this semester. Exhausted doesn’t seem to even explain well how I feel right now. Unfortunately, no matter how exhausted I feel, my body still thinks a good idea to play tricks on me and not let me sleep. I’m writing this earlier than normal hoping that I can sleep tonight.

Also today I did some talking with a girl at school and decided that I will take the GRE next fall and apply to PsyD programs at Wright State and to schools in VA. My mom helped to alleviate most of my anxiety about things having to do with her and this new decision so I’m pretty excited about this new direction. I know that I will only achieve what is in God’s plan for me… but it’s always nice to have different avenues and possibilities available.

So today I am thankful for these possibilities and the sacrifices that might have to be made by my mom and my brother’s for some of these to happen. They have always supported me and pushed me forward when I thought I couldn’t do something or wanted to give up. I don’t know where I would be without them!


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