January 15th and 16th in ONE!

Well since I had another migraine last night I didn’t get to post what I was thankful for. While many people might not understand what there could be thankful, I am thankful for modern medicine. While it might not always help… it certainly does get the ball rolling in the right direction. 


Today has been crazy busy and stressful and it seems like this will be par for the course this semester. While I used to let that control me, I know see it as more of a challenge. Not in the way that would cause more stress by worrying about, but in the way that time management will be helpful. Hopefully by managing my time better and trying to stick to that schedule will help to relieve that stressful feeling and allow for more nights of sleep and less all-nighters. So I am thankful for one of my mom’s lessons while I was growing up which was time management. While I might not have applied it back then, I certainly did take it in and store it for later. So thank you mom for that lesson and all the lessons you taught me and tried to teach me! 


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