January 17th!

Holy cow!! I can’t believe it’s the 17th… where has this month gone?!? Today has been an AMAZING day!! So many things to be thankful for and to feel blessed about so I guess I will start from the beginning of the day and work myself up to the present time. First of all I was able to help my mom out more than normal today and take over the task of doing the laundry so that she could focus on finishing a blanket she is making for my brother. Then we went to look at a prospective rental property that it seems extremely likely we will be moving to! I then got to experience the love of my church family for the countless time by so many of them offering their time to help pack us up and move us. The blessing of a recent new friend offering his truck and some of his time on Saturday’s to help us move. Friends volunteering to help in any way they can just help to remind me how much support I have here. How many people are pulling for me to succeed and be where I need to be and to have my mom where she needs to be. While this next month will be more challenging and stressful than normal, I am so looking forward to this next chapter (praying that it all goes well and we do get to start this new chapter) as well as being able to share with all of you how I take these challenges and stress and turn them to positive motivation and blessings in my life.

So here I go to pull up my boot straps and jump in!


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