Something has been bugging me lately and even more so in the past few days and that is judgement. With the new semester starting and interacting with new people and professors a big fear of mine and I’m sure others is how they are perceived by those new individuals. This comes from a quick judgement whether you introduce yourself in the class or not. 

By now most people in smaller classes are used to each other and are at least familiar with each other’s names. But what about the people we see around campus? Those we pass everyday as we go to and from classes, in the parking lot, or even sitting around between classes. Do you look at someone sitting alone different than how you look at someone sitting with a group of friends? 

This could even be portrayed into almost everyday type settings. That person you pass on the street, stare at a little too long at the grocery store, the person digging for change to buy food for their family… do you make fast paced judgments based on what you see? 

Well as we all know we are human… which means at some point in our lives we all have done these things I mentioned. I think one of the most challenging things that we as the human race have is to stop judging the others around us and look at ourselves closer. Everyone talks about not judging and not being racist… but I think it goes even further than that. Look at yourself and think about what people see of you… and see if that is the image you want to portray to the world. Is it worth the expensive makeup or the name brand clothes to make yourself stand out or feel better than others? What about those people always in the gym trying to work on muscles that look like they couldn’t get any bigger? The ones dieting every week and thinking they will never be skinny enough? Those that are alone that think that no one loves them and they are unworthy of being loved…that think that they will be alone forever? The ones that wear their hearts on their sleeves? All of these people portray different qualities which are all received different by EVERY person on this planet…

So the real question is… how do you as an individual want to be seen by the world in front of you?  


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