January 21st!

This is definitely late, but I lost track of time. Today was a pretty laid back day. The best part of today was that I got to get my hair done. This is also my positive point from today. When I first got home, I had no idea how to really treat my hair as hair and instead of something to get out of the way. Then I met Lisa.

She in her own way makes you feel special by genuinely caring about you and we are actually friends. I am to the point that I tell her to do what she wants (to an extent of course) and I trust her judgement. So today for the first time in my life I got blind highlights… I wasn’t sure what I was going to think but definitely thought mom wouldn’t be a fan. But they turned out great and mom loves them too! When I get a decent picture of them, I’ll have to remember to share them!

So takes risks… even if the risk is a small one. You might turn out loving the results… and if not, what have you lost? Not much because the risk wasn’t that great.


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