January 22nd — A day late

Well yesterday I was exhausted from work and was trying to do homework which I didn’t even finish because I was so tired which is why there wasn’t a post for the 22nd until right now. The night at work certainly was an interesting one… we were short an associate which meant there was only two associates and a manager in charge of closing. So one of the associates was on the register and I had the pleasure of doing the other responsibilities. Although I did luck out because the manager took care of restocking what he could in the freezer section. So I did dry stock, the cooler, and I learned how to slice. I would have to say the most impressing thing though was the amount of teamwork to get everything done. We usually work as a team… no matter who is working, but I think it just stood out more because there were so few of us.

Yesterday I was very thankful for this teamwork. It would have been extremely possible that it could have taken us an extra 30 minutes to get out of there… but instead we only got out about 10 minutes later than we normally have been during this slow season.

Well I am off to do more homework until later when I come back and post for today! 🙂


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