January 23

I know it’s after Midnight… I haven’t fallen asleep yet so it’s still technically Wednesday! 🙂 Today I decided I was going to take it easy in the morning and decided I wasn’t going to go to my morning classes. It was a nice break (even if it was after a long weekend. I was able to start dinner for this evening before I went to class and even was able to get some homework started before my afternoon classes. After classes I came home and ate some of my awesome chili and then have been working on homework.

Today I would have to say I am thankful that my mom was able to teach me how to cook and still here and available to me to ask her questions. From the easy things to my favorite — holiday dinners… I like being able to express myself in cooking by adding my own spices or small additions. It can be a good stress reliever, even more so if it is comfort food you are cooking!

Take a cooking class, ask a relative, ask a friend who knows how to cook. It isn’t that hard and makes you that much more self-sufficient!


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