January 27th

Today is Sunday which means my morning and afternoon revolve around church and my church family. This morning’s service was really good and the first time in this new year that I was able to focus and actually enjoy the sermon. This sermon series has had a lot of references to married life (and since I am not and have never been) they were confusing and just turned me off from the message. But today’s was totally different. Afterward the usual Sunday group (minus a few) went to Bob Evan’s and as always a good time was had by all. Then I went to one of my grandma’s houses to pick up some boxes and two bins to be packing with… and I actually made some headway in my room! Minus some clothes and few odds & ends my room is pretty much done. And since I was and still am getting a headache (thanks to the weather I believe) I am taking it easy tonight and hopefully early to bed.

These next two weeks are going to be uber stressful and exhausting as I try to juggle moving, school, and work. But I have to keep my eye on the prize for all three of these things. The move won’t last forever and once it’s done we will be closer to things that mom is involved in and have more living space. This semester won’t last forever and if were not for work, I wouldn’t able to afford the two previous stressors.

So the important thing to remember is keep your eye at your end goal. Things may be hard at this present time but they can’t always be hard. One day the skies will clear and you will see that all the stress, pain, and tears shed were worth it to be able to stand firm where you do.

** Not My PROPERTY... No Copyright Infringement intended**

** Not My PROPERTY… No Copyright Infringement intended**


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