January 28th & 29th

Well I had another headache yesterday which is why this post is a day late. But in that headache I was able to find a blessing. I wasn’t going to miss my afternoon class unless I could find a trustworthy person that would let me borrow or copy their notes for me. Thankfully my good friend Laura did that for me which allowed for me to come home and sleep. Which it finally went away around 10 AM this morning.

Today’s blessing was a little more hidden but I have to say that it is the friendships I have formed at work. These have allowed what could be boring/horrible nights into laughter and cracking jokes at/with one another. There is such a broad range of people who work there that we all bring different experiences and backgrounds to the table. I think we are all just fortunate that we all pretty much mesh together and are able to enjoy the hours we spend together, which definitely makes it not really seem like work.

Take joy in the small things, be thankful for your friends, and don’t let life’s little moments pass you by. You can see God in everything, you just have to look for him. You can hear God in every noise, you just have to listen.

** Not My PROPERTY... No Copyright Infringement intended**

** Not My PROPERTY… No Copyright Infringement intended**


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