January 30th

Today was a LONG day but I made it through. Today I am thankful for my mom and others that help to center me and remind me that I can make it through these days and the rest of school. When I start doubting/feeling overwhelmed… it is these people that remind me of all that I have done and still will.

Well this post is short because I want to make sure I can be well rested for the day of packing and night of homework that I have ahead of me tomorrow.

On a nice closing note, here is an article and video of a girl that I went to high school with (she graduated 2 years ahead of me) and was amazing on stage & off in high school and that hasn’t changed as she continues to impress with her music and acting. She was in the movie “Social Network” and a newer movie “The Collection” This is definitely something that needs to be seen and spread!

Anne Hathaway Les Mis Spoof Goes Viral


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