February 3

Today will not be my usual “thankful for” or “blessed” post. Today it will be about a news story that has touched me and broken my heart. Hearing about the murder of Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was very disturbing. This nation lost a great patriot and a valuable asset to the many different organizations he was a part of, not to mention his two children having to grow up without their father. It always bothers me when a military member dies but I think it happening in this manner at home makes it so much worse. To have survived FOUR tours in Iraq and be discharged from the Navy and then be killed… just doesn’t make sense.

What bothered me even more where the reports of people on Twitter celebrating this man’s death. It made me literally feel like I was going to be sick. There is never a cause to be joyful over someone being murdered and these people were overjoyed and calling it “karma”! I don’t know these individuals or their stories… but it wouldn’t surprise me if not ONE of them has ever donned a uniform and offered to give their life so that others may have freedom and their rights. I think this just goes to show how bad off society is today… people go out in public without hardly any clothes on, cover themselves in tattoos (speaking of those that are literally covered), piercings in every place they can get them, the excessive drinking, partying, drugs, violence, and the lack of absolute outrage when nothing is done in response to that violence only helps to prove my point. Babies should not be having babies. The lack of parental guidance in one generation only travels down the chain until we are where we are now in society.

But anyways back on topic. I want to thank Chris Kyle for his service and dedication to this great nation, thank his family for the sacrifices they have made in the past, and those that are being made right now since he is no longer here. I send prayers and thoughts to his family and friends and Fair Winds and Following Seas brother… we have the watch and all is well.

Fair Winds and Following Seas Chris Kyle

— I do not own the rights to this photograph–


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