Feb 6 & 7

Well yesterday I wasn’t able to post simply because I couldn’t even stay awake to do the homework I needed to do. Yesterday, our campus got bad news. Two students and their roommate perished in a fire Tuesday morning. One of them was the niece of one of my friends. This family has experienced more loss in the past two months than any one family should have to deal with in a year or more. So I pause to pray for those families and their friends. Three young adults taken from this world too soon in our eyes.

Today as things start to wind down at this present location it has been sobering when thinking about the memories that have been made here in the past two years. But then I got to thinking about something I learned while I was in the Navy. While the location may change, the memories still exist in our minds. The people are what matters. And since it seems like we will be gaining even more friends at this new place, it seems that even more memories will be made.

So from this post… I ask that you keep those families in your prayers. It breaks my heart, so I can’t even imagine what those families are going through. Also, make memories that will last beyond the location in which they are made.


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