A Lot on the Heart/Brain

Since yesterday I’ve had this feeling that some things need to change. It all started when a Facebook friend posted “Identify the person or people you need to forgive; determine what they owe you; then do what Jesus would do.” While I still am confused about the “determine what they owe you” part. The first part is clear as day. I’ve held on to a lot of pain and hurt because I’m afraid by letting go I’ll forget and fall into the same traps that I did before. While I won’t go into detail about who I need to forgive it is definitely something I am working on and struggling with.

The other thing that has been weighing on my heart is what I need to do to keep growing in my trust and faith in God. Trust has always been a huge struggle for me and I’m trying to overcome that. I know it takes baby steps and I’ll keep stumbling along the way… but I know that I won’t be truly happy until I can trust fully and have great faith in God. I don’t want to be a “going through the motions” Christian anymore… which I also know will be a struggle for me.

This song “Walk on the Water” by Britt Nicole always makes even more sense than usual when taking it into context with what I just posted. I need to stop running away and run towards Him… have the faith to step out of the boat in the middle of my storm…


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