End of Fall Semester

Well it is here… today officially marks the end of Fall semester 2013 at OSU. While I had finished my last final on Monday and even have all my final grades… some just took their last finals today and now have to wait patiently for their grades.

This semester is a last one for many… for those graduating in the Spring it is their last fall semester as an undergrad ever. For those graduating this weekend it was their last fall and their semester ever. I can’t imagine the emotions that they are feeling right now, but I am also looking forward to being able to feel them myself a year from now.

A very good friend of mine is graduating this weekend and I want to share what an impact she had on my life since I’ve known her because I’m not sure she knows. This woman is a role model to me. She never blamed anyone else for anything that had happened in her life. An amazing mother and grandmother but I could see as well that she is just an amazing person in general. You propped me up when I doubted myself and have celebrated with me in my successes. Since I have known you, you have worked SO hard in school and I know it’s because you wanted what is waiting for you Sunday. The last time we talked you were pondering graduate school and I just want you to know that if you want that as much as you wanted your bachelors there isn’t anything you couldn’t do! Laura, I am so happy for you and honored to be your friend. I know you will continue to do great things!!


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