My take on A&E and Phil Robertson

There has been so much back and forth on all the social media sites. People complaining about it being hate speech against homosexuals and those on the other side that it is a blatant attack on Freedom of Speech. So here is my take on things…

It is my own personal belief that homosexuality is wrong and a sin. But I do not hate or ever treat anyone differently because of their lifestyle. I am not a perfect person and do not claim to be. I support the right for EVERYONE to be able to speak their mind and not be told that their opinion is wrong and they shouldn’t have those beliefs. I think it is wrong that people on both sides of this claim to be accepting people but then lash out at those who believe differently than them.

It is my own personal opinion that there are larger issues in the world than people not being able to accept who another person loves. So many people are all about co-existing but fight and hold grudges over the smallest of things. That hate only fuels more hate… which can be seen on a larger scale by looking at nations and rebel fighters all over the world. What fuels these extremists and the nations fighting them? Difference in opinions, difference in beliefs, and lastly hatred for the other group. What else could cause someone to willingly blow themselves up and take innocent lives with them if they didn’t hate those they were taking with them?

So maybe this isn’t an attack on homosexuality or freedom of speech… but another lesson of hatred in this world. People not trying to understand others and learning to live side by side with different opinions and working together to solve problems and make this world worth passing on to our future generations.


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