God: Good for the soul

Tonight feeling anxious and uncertain about what the future is going to be bring for me and all of the different paths I could end up taking… I decided I would hunt through music on YouTube. Some of the most comforting music, for me at least, is praise music and classical music. I usually listen to praise music on YouTube because there is just SO much out there. I eventually ran across the song at the end of this post by Casting Crowns titled: “You’re Already There”. This song was able to calm all of those feelings that I was having by simply reminding me that God knows how my life is going to play out and that I need to trust in Him and His plans. While this is not always the easiest thing to do, it is certainly better than stressing out over things that aren’t in your control. The hardest thing to do is ask for guidance and which path are you supposed to take when it might be the total opposite of what you thought you would/could do.

I never thought I would end up where I am today… So many things have happened over the past 27 years that have shaped me into who I am today and directed me down this path. Yes there was pain and sorrow involved… sometimes unbearable pain and sorrow (at least it was at those moments in time), there were internal and external struggles as well but most importantly there was also JOY. And to be able to look back at those struggles and times of pain and be able to see the positive things that emerged from those times is truly a blessing and good for the soul. God certainly heals from the deepest of wounds and the darkest corners of your self…


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