Love Hurts And The Positives It Brings With It!

I used to hear this saying, “Love Hurts”, all the time in movies and other places and I always assumed it was a reference to breakups and granted it was said to me during times like those in my life. But now it has a totally new meaning to me and I understand now that it is not necessarily a bad thing to say.

Love hurts when the person that has your whole heart can’t be with you or you with them when that’s all you want in the world.

Love hurts when people close to you say their final goodbyes and leave this world.

Love hurts when people that you considered such good friends that they were family grow apart and you hear about things through Facebook and Twitter about their lives.

Love hurts when you lose a pet that you’ve had growing up and you don’t get to say goodbye.

With the four things I mentioned before, I know that the things are sad things but not when you look at the ripple that’s been left. Granted, Kyle’s ripple hasn’t stopped growing because we are going to continue growing and start a life together in March… but at the same time we are miles apart and it has shown me how strong of a person I can be. All of the people that I have lost in my life that I have been so close to have had such LARGE impacts on my life that my life would be drastically different if I had not known them. The friends that became family that have become distant… were in my life for a season that I truly needed them and I am so thankful for that. I guess that saying about people being in your life for a season is very true. When Tipper was put down (it was definitely his time to go) I didn’t realize how important he had been until he was gone. SO many good stories with him and times with him that I won’t soon forget.

Everything in our lives is all connected. Not one single person that we meet or decision that we make affects that one certain part of our lives. It all carries over whether we like it or not. I guess that is something important to remember when you meet people for the first time or see an old friend. You are going to have an impact on that person in that moment and it can either be a positive one or a negative one.


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