Words Can and Do Cut Like a Knife

A discussion today with a family member led me to do some interesting soul searching about myself. This had been a two-way street today with things being said that were hurtful but it came to heated head tonight. Maybe I was just being over emotional… I’m a girl, so I can be, right? But I’d like to think that being a girl had nothing to do with it.

I saw something somewhere on social media at some point about once words are spoken, they can’t be unsaid. There has never been a truer statement than that. You can apologize all you want, try to explain what was going through your mind as you said it, explain where they misinterpreted it… but once it has hurt and/or been misunderstood. Your submarine is sunk, dead in the water.

Granted… somethings can be recovered from but for most people the memory of what was said or the memory of the pain that was felt will always be there even if they don’t realize it.

I am in no way innocent of this, as I know I have said many things I have regretted as it’s spilling out of mouth. But I have also been on the receiving end, and in this most recent exchange the pain will be unforgettable for a long time.

The point of this post is to not only try and clear my head of the thoughts racing through it… but to call you as the reader out. You have all been where I am at some point in your life. Take this moment to promise yourself to be and do better.

Promise to yourself to try and not let your words and/or actions hurt another. As more and more people around you notice this change, you might notice yourself on the receiving end of this less and less. Wouldn’t that make for a wonderful world?


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