Changing mindset

So far there is one thing in this whole relationship process that no one ever talks about. Maybe because for most people it happened while they weren’t paying attention and they didn’t need to notice. But those that have spent all or the majority of their relationship in a long distance set up… will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Exactly when does your mindset go from “me” to “we”? And I’m not talking about making plans for the future mindset. What I’m talking about goes deeper… that mindset where you truly know that no matter what you’re not alone and battles are no longer just yours to win. When does that mindset change? When will those mental shields drop and it fully be accepted in my mind? When we’re finally married? When we get to spend four months together as man and wife? When we finally get to be together long-term?

Who has the answer to these questions? I bet they could be rich! I’m not even looking for answers per say… because I know that it will happen at some point. I guess what I’m really hunting after tonight/this morning… is reassurances that I/we are not alone in this and others have been there.


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