Worried Sick — Anxiety at it’s worst

“Worried sick” is a phrase that most people probably associate with parents worrying about their children’s safety when they are out past curfew or maybe their first sleep over party. Not many people associate it with someone who appears to be normal. Someone who has anxiety which is aggravated by being a worrier or vice versa (I personally believe it’s a vicious circle) knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Even those people who lay awake at night thinking about things and worrying about what needs done or what didn’t get done that day probably can understand that feeling that I’m talking about. That ball in the pit of your stomach, the clamminess of your hands, the waves of nausea that might strike… that folks is being worried sick.

For some people it might just be those late at night worry sessions when they can’t fall asleep. For some it could be after a few drinks when guilt and regret seep over them. But for some people… it is a constant or very near constant battle to keep those feelings at bay or at least manageable.

Unfortunately for me… I fall in the later category. But there is a positive to this for me. It is not constant… I tend to stress over things and worry about things frequently throughout the day but I get reprieves when I emerge myself into a good book, movie, tv show, or just really focus on anything other than that certain thing that is causing stress at that moment. It has taken me years to discover this trick… why? I have no idea. But it works and that’s what matters.

I would have to say the worst thing that I have been told is that I “just need to relax” or “not let things stress me out”. I eventually just giving a response other than agreeing. Yes, I know that I should do those things and I would LOVE to be able to feel relaxed and not stress over things that most people probably don’t give a second thought. But I can’t help it and you saying that only points out what I already know and makes me feel more self conscious than I already am.

Note: I have many times not written something in fear of who may read it… but I’ve decided that I know I am not the only one out there experiencing these things and if what I am going through and conquering a day at a time can help just one other person…well then it is worth it.


One thought on “Worried Sick — Anxiety at it’s worst

  1. I too suffer from severe anxiety and depression. Last night, I barely slept. I kept thinking and thinking and thinking. Finally, I stopped thinking about things that worried me and started thinking of things that I was grateful for in my life: I fell asleep. Think I’m going to keep on trying this one! Check out my blog when you have a chance. I’m actually an army brat and so I can relate to your earlier post about stigma. Have a great day!

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