As I was watching a movie tonight a thought kept coming into my mind… how many times a day are we complacent in relationships? I’m not just talking about our marital or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, but all of them. If you are a Christian, when was the last time that you not only prayed to God… BUT listened for His answer? I can honestly tell you that for me it has been awhile. When was the last time that you reached out to someone that you used to be close to? Did you ever stop to think that you “lost touch” because you had become complacent?

Now some of you might be thinking… but what about that other person? What about their complacency in our relationship? It goes back to what I’m sure most if not all of us heard while growing up that if it doesn’t concern you, leave it be. How can i say that it doesn’t concern you? Because you are right in the relationship… you’re putting your heart into reaching out, listening, and doing the little things so people know you care. What THEY do with that… is up to them.

So I challenge everyone that is reading this to reach out to someone who you have “lost touch” with, do something special for someone that you consider a friend, as well as for your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse. And if you are a Christian… I challenge you to listen to Him.

If you want to see the movie I mentioned earlier, check out Fireproof and the Love Dare


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