As I close my eyes and all I see is white…
White grains of sand falling and slipping,
Down to their new resting place,
At the bottom of the hourglass.

Marking the passing of time,
Seconds, minutes, hours…
Leading to days, weeks, and months,
All adding up to years.

So many times I wish that I could,
Speed it up or slow it down,
Sometimes I wish I could even reverse it,
To relive some great times.

As I watch the sand slip and fall,
Trying to calculate how much time is left,
I realize that instead of speeding it up or slowing it down,
I should be enjoying what each grain represents.

Each grain represents a second chance,
A chance to love,
A chance to forgive,
A chance to make peace.

Each person needs this chance,
Which only this hourglass can show,
If you were to look at yours,
What would you see?


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