Could I have ever imagined this?

Lately I’ve been thinking about a question that has been plaguing my thoughts…. “Through all the good and bad that has happened, would I have ever imagined my life would be this?” 

While I can definitely say that no, I never pictured my life like this… I can’t say that it is a bad thing either. Many things didn’t work out like I had planned growing up, for starters I wasn’t a fighter pilot in the Navy and didn’t go on to become an astronaut and set amazing historic records either. While I did join the Navy, it was a far cry from the “original” plan and without that change I can say my life would most definitely be worse off. I struggled and grew as a person and it was obviously the path I needed to be on at that point in my life. 

Other things are different as well…people that I always imagined I would have more time with are no longer here, whether it be because they have passed away or our paths have uncrossed… and I’m not even necessarily sure that it’s a bad thing anymore. 

I used to sit and stare at catalogues and the older male models and think…”that’s what I want my husband to look like when we get older” and of course God had other plans. 

But I look at my life now and think, man I may have never imagined this, but I wouldn’t change a darn thing. 


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