A Dream Among The Stars


Featured image: Earthrise was taken by astronaut William Anders in 1968, during the Apollo 8 mission

Today I read about the passing of Gene Cernan… the Apollo 17 commander who was the last human being to walk on the moon. His passing just a few six weeks after the passing of John Glenn has deeply saddened me.

For as long as I can remember, my dreams have laid among the stars. I wanted to be a Navy fighter pilot, become an astronaut — which included being the first woman on the moon and the first human being on Mars. I spent many hours reading about the Space Race that started with rockets that could barely get off the ground, to satellites orbiting the Earth, to chimpanzees in space, humans in space and traversing the moon, and all the unmanned crafts we have sent outside of our atmosphere to explore the unknown expanse that is the universe.

While I have come to terms that those childhood dreams of mine may never come to fruition… it saddens me that other children don’t get to have those same goals. Most children learn about our travels in space in history classes and some may not even realize that NASA is still around as are astronauts.

My hope now is that NASA will once again come into the limelight so that we can continue our search among the stars and help make some child’s dream like mine come true.



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