What on Earth are we doing?

“What on Earth are we doing?” has crossed my mind so many times I can’t even count in the days leading up to and following the Presidential election. This election has seen the most violence, hate spewed words, lies being thrown from both sides of the table… with no end in sight in the near future. I just can’t take it anymore. I’m not suggesting you sit back on your heals and not “fight” for something you honestly believe in. What I am suggesting is that you go about it a different way. People have stopped listening if they don’t share the same opinion or view as you do. What kind of progress is that? NONE!

Neither “side” can achieve what they want or least reach some sort of compromise and understanding without putting away the gunslingers (shooting off at the mouth), the physical violence, and pulling things from the past that not one person alive today had ANYTHING to do with.

We as a nation are struggling… you may agree because your “side” lost and you didn’t get into office who you wanted/voted for. You may disagree because your “side” got into office who you wanted/voted for. But that’s not the struggle I’m speaking of. We are in a struggle with each other stronger and longer-lasting than I remember one occurring in my lifetime.

I remember in the days after September 11, 2001, you couldn’t go down the road a mile without seeing yellow ribbons and American flags as the Nation mourned our losses collectively. We are so far from that now… it’s almost like we’re in a cold civil war between our respective “sides”.

Eight years ago after President Obama was elected, I fully believed we would erupt into one because of the vitriol and hate being spewed towards each other. That belief has grown stronger daily since then because as a nation we have not changed, only started attacking each other more and seemingly not leaving one group unattended. When will it end?

I sincerely pray that we never have another civil war in this country and I also pray that it doesn’t take another act like September 11, 2001, to pull this nation together. It starts at home and it starts with you. I challenge you, the reader, to step across that line that separates you from someone on the other “side” and do something nice for them. Then challenge them to do something nice for someone else that believes different from them.

The healing and strength of our nation does not lay on the backs of our elected officials… but our own.


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